About Us


To be a leading provider of social and economic empowerment services to poor people in Northern Ghana.


To reduce poverty and injustice through working in partnership with other organizations and institutions working with poor and vulnerable groups or communities in the area of Economic Empowerment, Food Security and Nutrition, Education and Youth Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.


  1. To reduce poverty and improve human welfare through actions that will increase poor people’s access to finance, food security, quality education, good water and sanitation.
  2. To conserve the natural environment through promotion of appropriate and sustainable technologies
  3. To reduce infant mortality through increased understanding of essential nutrition actions
  4. To promote health rights and other rights of women and children among community members.
  5. To provide opportunities for poor people to challenge the injustices and inequities in society and to advocate for good policies that promote their rights.


Mutual respect, Integrity, Truth, Accountability, Transparency